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Wing Chun Updates

Dear Lover,
National Wing Chun Seminar's date has been declared, it's on 29 march 2020 at Mumbai, Maharashtra and last registration Date is 25.03.2020, so please fill the event form as soon as possible.

Intro To Wing Chun System

Wing Chun basically concentrates on joints of our body, it makes them stronger and enables them to have quicker reflexes. This form helps to have slim but muscular body. This style of Kung Fu is very effective in close range combat. Practitioners and teachers of this form strongly advise not to try to modify this form as it loses its true value while one can easily add new exercises in it.
Following are different forms of Wing Chun martial arts and their meaning:-

Siu Lim Tao

Siu Lim Tao: Means small thoughts (first way to plan), This is a key of the wing Chun's system to open the first door of training. Basically this is basic exercise of hand techniques, It is divided in section 1-2-3.

Chum Kiu & Bui Tze

Chum Kiu means searching for the bridge, it's a second for and Biu Tze is the third form of wing chun kung fu, Bui Tze means Flying fingers Far far away, it's a effective method to defence as well as attack.

Wooden Dummy & Long Pole

Muk Yan Chong means stake used as a dummy, it's an important tool to practice, and Luk Dim Boon Quan: It can be translated as six and half point long pole,

Butterfly Knive & Chi Kung

Bart Chao Dao called as butterfly knives due its shape and looks. This form has eight different styles of defending and attacking, Also Chi Kung, Chi Sao and Chi Gerk is most important parts of wing chun.

About Wing Chun Academy

Wing Chun India is stable in 2011, by Mr. Vikas Chandane and this is regd. Under sub unit of Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Art Academy, India, we are involved in social also public activity and a regular participant in Tournaments, and other martial arts event.

And believe in authentication and traditional style of wing chun kung fu, wing chun designed is not only for fighting but also way of human develop many skill i.e. logical thought, concentration, aiming, building strategy and much more.Read More

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Wing Chun Events

#Wing Chun Workshop

June 21, 2018

Learn Street Fight Technique in Wing Chun Wing Chun Workshop With Sifu Dr. Sonu Kumar Giri in Mumbai.

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#Yoga Seminar

August 23, 2019

Learn Depness of Yoga System and Pranayam with Yogi Shri Suresh Jaiswar, Orgnized by Shri Vikas Chandane.

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